Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coming soon - The Bomb -Speed is Everything

New tape confirmed:

RUIN009 - The Bomb-Speed is Everything cassette
Limited cassette of the new release from this Chicago band featuring Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun. Includes a patch, sticker, and probably some form of screen printed packaging. Split release with No Idea.
Check out songs here

Other business:

Hatred Surge-Deconstruct tapes are being pressed a third time. I've had tons of requests for these and the band agreed that they would like to keep it in print for awhile. This run should be more widely available than the first two. Available in December.

Reversal of Man-Discography box set. Work continues on this. I am getting all the songs re-mastered to balance everything out. Progress is slow but it will come out sometime.

Flying Snakes-Bludgeoning Frequency cassette should be done soon. December?

May announce a few other releases if I can fit them in the schedule. Probably doing a new Mindless tape in the next two months.